Maya Devi Temple

Maya Devi Temple

One of the Places to visit is Maya Devi Temple Haridwar which is dedicated to Goddess Maya Devi Temple, who is the incarnation of Goddess Shakti. One of the Shakti Peethas of Haridwar, the temple is believed to have been built over the place where the heart and navel of Sati had fallen as per mythology.

The temple premises have the idols of Goddess Maya, Goddess Kamakhya, and Goddess kali. Apart from being a holy place of worship, the temple is well known for its ancient architectural beauty. The temple is known for its elaborate decoration and celebration during the festivals of Navaratri & also during Kumbh Mela.


The temple dates back to the eleventh century. It is one of the three ancient temples of Haridwar which are still intact, the other two being Narayana-shila and Bhairava Temple. The inner shrine consists of murtis (icons) of goddesses Maya in the centre, Kali on the left, Kamakhya on the right. There are also two other goddesses who are also forms of Shakti, present in the inner shrine. The temple is located to the east of Har ki Pauri and is easily accessible by buses and auto rickshaws. It is regarded as a must visit for devotees going to Haridwar.

The temple is visited by many devotees from various parts of the country especially during the Navratra and the Kumbha Mela in Haridwar.