Har Ki Pauri

Har Ki Pauri

One of the Tourist places in Haridwar is Har ki Pauri which basically means footsteps of the Lord. It is the holy ghat where the river Ganges touches the plains after winding its way through the Himalayan ranges. Visitors flock along this pious ghat around dawn to take a holy dip during the Ganga Aarati.

It is mesmerizing to watch the whole ghat getting illuminated by the shimmering lights of the three-tiered lamps of fire in the hands of the priests. Additionally, devotees float thousands of diyas on the surface of the water giving the river Ganges an ethereal aura of beauty. A prime attraction during the day time is a footprint imprinted on a wall which is believed to belong to Lord Vishnu.

Regarded as one of the most sacred Ghats in Haridwar and India, Har-Ki-Pauri is visited by devotees and visitors in a large number seeking the blessings of Holy Ganga by offering their prayers. It is the place where River Ganga flowing through the Himalayas touches the plain for the first time and that those who take a dip in River Ganga can wash off all their sins. According to history, the place has a mark of Lord Vishnu’s footprint on a stone which is even present today. This is why it is believed that Lord Shiva visited Har ki Pauri during the Vedic period. Constructed by King Vikramaditya in memory of his brother Bhartrihari, who believes he come to Haridwar to meditate on the banks of the Ganga, this sacred Ghat is an enchanting sight to behold with a plethora of temples at the river bank and golden hues of floral diyas floating in the river. The chanting of mantras and prayers with sages meditating exudes spiritual vibes and is an experience of a lifetime. The sound of gongs in the background takes one to an entirely different world.

Location – Har Ki Pauri, Near Krishna Dham, Kharkhari

Timing – Open at all times

Best Time to Visit – Can be visited every month of the year although summer can be hot during day time.